Order of the Call Process

Current Pastor Resigns
Congregation Contacts Office of the Bishop

Congregation Council Meets with Bishop's Representative
Interim Pastor/Process arranged

Call Committee Appointed/Installed
Call committee trained by bishop's representative

Ministry Site Profile (MSP) Completed
Council reviews Synod Compensation Guidelines and gives call
committee parameters for financial package
MSP approved by congregation council
MSP shares summary with the congregation

Call Committee Submits Nominations to Bishop's Representative
This is optional.  If the call committee chooses to receive nominations
from the congregation, a form is provided by the bishop's  

Bishop's Representative Provides up to Three Names of
Candidates and their Rostered Leader Profile (RLP)
These names are confidential.
Committee chooses to proceed with interviews.
Interview process begins.

Call Committee Recommends One Candidate to the Council.
A "Meet and Greet" event may be held.
The council calls a congregational meeting in accordance with the

The Congregational Meeting is held.  
The candidate and the terms of compensation and benefits are provided.
A two-thirds vote is required to issue the call.
The candidate has 30 days to accept or return the letter of call.  If the
letter of call is accepted, plans are made for the transition and
installation of the new pastor.